Hillsboro City Law Director

Welcome to the City of Hillsboro Department of Law Web Site!

The Director of Law is an attorney at law elected every four years. The Law Director is responsible for seeing that the Hillsboro Council, officers and employees are advised as to the areas of law pertaining to their functions. The Law Director drafts all ordinances, contracts and bonds, and represents the City in court in lawsuits filed for or against the City. In addition to the City, the School District may seek legal opinions from the Law Director. Various state boards and agencies may seek advise from the Law Director and utilize this office to enjoin illegal activities. By far the largest part of the work of the Law Department is prosecuting city and state cases in the Hillsboro Municipal Court which covers all of Highland County, except Madison Township. Approximately 6000 cases per year are the prosecution responsibility of the Law Director which may be initiated by over 30 state, county or local agencies, or by private complaints. On behalf of the staff and Director of Department of Law, it is our pleasure to serve you.

Fred J. Beery, Esq.