Hillsboro Police Department

(937) 393-3411 FAX (937) 393-3273


The Hillsboro Police Department is comprised of thirteen full time law enforcement officers, including the Chief, Captain, three Sergeants, and nine patrol officers. The communications section has four full-time dispatchers. A Reserve unit with five officers is also available for emergency situations and special events. The police department maintains a 24-hour patrol for all areas inside the Hillsboro corporation limit. This includes all residential, recreational, industrial, and business areas of the city.

Mission Statement:

The Hillsboro Police Department will continue to grow, adapt, and evolve as we provide the highest level of service and protection to our community.

Submit Confidential Information Online:

In an effort to reach out to the citizens of Hillsboro, the Hillsboro Police Department is making it easier to provide information regarding criminal activity in your neighborhood. If you wish to provide information, please click the link below:

Confidential Information Submission Form